Dear Center Participants,

The past few months have been filled with turmoil and misunderstanding regarding the removal of the pool table from the Center. I now realize that the communication and process of making this change could have been handled differently. To anyone hurt or offended through this experience, I am sorry and offer my deepest apology. It is my hope to clear up information about the pool table and assure our members that everyone is welcome to participate in the variety of activities that take place here at the Florence Douglas Center.

The Board of Directors and I decided that the pool table was no longer an activity that would take place at the Center. At the time, I didn’t think to contact CC Sabathia or his PitCCh In Foundation. The table was listed for sale. The local representatives of the PitCCh In Foun-dation & I met to discuss the sale of the pool table and I apologized that I did not contact them ahead of time. CC's mother said to me directly after our meeting that we are good. An initial purchase offer was revoked after the table was removed and restored. Instead of the initial $100 sale and removal, the pool table was repaired and through the efforts of the PitCCh In Foundation was given as a gift to the Omega Boys and Girls Club in Vallejo.

On December 30th, Jimmie Jackson, President of the Vallejo Branch of the NAACP, Shane McAffee, Executive Director of the GVRD, Georgia Jackson, a member of the Board of the FDSC and I met to explore a partner-ship between GVRD and The Florence Douglas Center to place the GVRD Pool Table at the community center next door to the FDSC. This table had previously been in a GVRD Community Center before it was taken out of service by GVRD. Shane McAffee agreed to take it to the board committee and is interested in exploring a partner-ship between the two centers to place the pool table at GVRD. There, the pool table could be next door and in its own room.

Our Board of Directors works hard to create a positive environment here at the Center—one that is open to a variety of activities. The Board meeting is held in Executive Session and FDSC members or members of the general public can be invited to attend the meeting by an invitation of the Board President. This practice is stated in the Executive Board Policies approved by the membership in 2003.

Again, I apologize to anyone who has been hurt or of-fended by the removal of the pool table. The Board and I continue in our desire to offer a hand in finding a solution to heal the hurt and mistrust that this change has caused.

Among the options, we have added a Wii Pool game to our video game offerings and will   continue to work with GVRD in advocating that they add a pool table to their Community Cen-ter.

The table was removed due to the disruption its use caused to the Center as a whole. Our hope was and continues to be offering an open and flexible environment for everyone to enjoy. The Recreation Room is used by many members and guests playing dominos and cards; making puzzles and conversation; reading and working on projects. There are volunteers who are planning to start a gardening club, book club and a game club. There are many great activities here at the Florence Douglas Center that everyone can enjoy. Thank you for your part in helping to improve our Center.

Good Things,  

Peter Wilson


We are located at 333 Amador Street, Vallejo, CA, Phone: 707-643-1044