Dear Center Participants, 

To Clear up the misinformation being circulated by All Seniors Matter 2020 group about the Vallejo Senior Citizens Council, Inc.

Misinformation  FACT                                                                   
Executive Director sits on the VSCC Board (voting member)Executive Director is an employee of the VSCC, supervised by the Board and is not a voting member of the VSCC Board
By-laws were hijacked VSCC by-laws were properly presented and approved by 2/3 of the members present at the June 2012 Membership Meeting
So-Called Financial Statement State of the Center Report - an overview of 7 months of the Center. The intent of the report is to clearly show the improvements and what's to come
Security Guard hired for 3 days A Security Guard was hired for one day $140
No item listing the cost of the hiring of the motivational speakers There was no expense to the Center for the Motivational Speakers
VSCC operates as a secret society.
Not a word about it in the current issue of the Center's newsletter
VSCC is the non-profit that oversees the Florence Douglas Senior Center. The membership is properly noticed of the membership Meetings through the newsletter. Back issues are available upon request.  Attendance at a Board Meeting is by invitation from the Board President as directed by the Executive Board Policy Manual
Meeting called for Tuesday, April 23, 2015 by 5% of the members of VSCC in accordance with the California non-profit Corporations Code. This meeting does not meet the requirements as stated in the California non-profit Corporations Code in that it has not been properly noticed to and by the Board of the Directors of VSCC and therefore any vote taken at this meeting won't be valid.
Meeting should be taking place within the Florence Douglas Senior Center Anyone interested in reserving a room at the Florence Douglas Senior Center must complete and submit a Rental Request Form for approval.  All Seniors Matter 2020 has not submitted a completed Rental Request Form to hold a meeting at the Center.