Harvest Dinner Fundraiser 10/23/20

Thank you to everyone who supported our Harvest Dinner Fundraiser COVID-19 Style.  We enjoyed seeing everyone’s masked smiling faces.  Our Volunteers and staff worked to put it all together for you to enjoy.  Thank you FDC Volunteers, Staff and You for supporting the Fundraiser.

Laugh Out Loud

We understand that we are not supposed to be in crowds, don’t travel, don’t do this or that….don’t …..don’t.  Let’s all take a moment to LAUGH OUT LOUD,

Right Now LAUGH OUT LOUD! I just did writing this post Laughter is the best medicine.

No one has said we can’t Laugh.
It sure would be a great way to start a news conference with Laughter.

Laugh Out Loud. Dance, Laugh, Smile, Call up a friend and laugh with them.
Just Laugh!