Bollywood October 1, 2021

Laugh Out Loud

We understand that we are not supposed to be in crowds, don’t travel, don’t do this or that….don’t …..don’t.  Let’s all take a moment to LAUGH OUT LOUD,

Right Now LAUGH OUT LOUD! I just did writing this post Laughter is the best medicine.

No one has said we can’t Laugh.
It sure would be a great way to start a news conference with Laughter.

Laugh Out Loud. Dance, Laugh, Smile, Call up a friend and laugh with them.
Just Laugh!


Awesome Center – Nina Tom

At retirement, I was determined to keep occupied (out of trouble). So I set goals and made full schedules. I became a member of FDC and participate in various activities. I am a regular at jazzerise all these years, rarely absent,  The people at the center are friendly. It is safe, secure and welcoming to all seniors.